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Free-Form Fridays

Free Form Fridays

SPSP has launched a new way to connect with other SPSP members - Free-Form Fridays. Small virtual meeting rooms (generally max. 10 attendees) will be hosted every Friday. These rooms are available for members to use for a variety of activities: finding researchers with similar interests, finding support from members tackling similar career challenges, feedback and brainstorming sessions, and more.

Take advantage of this opportunity to connect with other members.

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Have an idea to host a Free-Form Friday session? Apply to host a future session (submit a meeting name, host, description, and preferred dates/times). Deadline for December: November 16.


October/November Free-Form Schedule

All Times U.S. Eastern Time Zone

Friday, October 23, 12-1pm ET: Connect with the SPSP International Committee

After briefly describing the mission of the committee, we would like to hear from participants the region of the world they are in, what they study, and what needs and opportunities they see from their perspective. After that, we'd like to open the discussion up to explore collaborative opportunities among the participants. Finally, we'd like to hear suggestions for future Free-Form Friday sessions hosted by the International Committee, as well as for possible future projects for the International Committee to pursue.

Hosts: Melody Manchi Chao ( and Yuichi Shoda (, Co-Chairs, SPSP International Committee

Friday, October 23, 2-3pm ET: Learn More About the Newly Revised SPUR (Social-Personality Undergraduate Research) Program

During this Free-Form Friday session, we will discuss the revised SPUR (Social and Personality Undergraduate Research) program. The SPUR program has recently changed from a face-to-face mentoring model held over eight weeks during the summer to a hybrid face-to-face/remote model that will take place over eight months. During this Free-From Friday session, we will discuss the revised format of the SPUR program and how this program fits within SPSP’s broader focus on inclusion and diversity.

Hosts: SPSP Diversity and Climate Committee - Jessica Good, Associate Professor, Davidson College,; Daryl Wout, Associate Professor, John Jay

Friday, October 23, 4-5pm ET: Meet, greet, unite, and re-unite: A free-form session on behavior change

Some of the toughest challenges people face include how to change their own and others’ behavior — and keep it changed. Behavior change is central to healthy living, egalitarianism, climate change, financial prudence, and of course myriad aspects of life during COVID. If you're interested in these topics and want to meet likeminded individuals, join us!    

Host: Hengchen Dai, Anderson School of Management (UCLA),

Friday, October 30, 12-1pm ET: Applying for Academic Jobs in the United Kingdom

This session is intended for early career researchers who are considering applying or working in UK universities. We'll discuss some of the differences between working in the US and UK what you should think about before applying, and how the application system differs from the US job market.

Host: Jim Everett, Assistant Professor, University of Kent (UK),

Friday, October 30, 2-3pm ET: Info Session: Interested in joining the SPSP Student Committee?

Thinking of applying to serve on the student committee of SPSP? Join us this information and Q&A session to learn about our roles, the work we do, and how to apply. All student members are welcome!

Hosts: H. Annie Vu, Vice-chair, Student Committee/PhD Student, Rutgers University,; Fernanda Andrade, Chair, Student Committee/ Candidate, Duke University,

Friday, October 30, 4-5pm ET: Brainstorm with the Professional Development Committee

The goal of this session is to discuss ideas for activities conducted by the SPSP Professional Development Committee. Currently the committee provides professional development sessions and workshops at the SPSP Convention and webinars throughout the year. In this session participants will discuss strengths and weakness of past programing, and brainstorm ideas about new programing (both topics and formats).

Hosts: SPSP Professional Development Committee Co-Chairs: Alex Schoemann, Associate Professor, East Carolina University,; Rich Slatcher, Gail M. Williamson Distinguished Professor, University of Georgia,

Friday, November 6, 2am-3am ET: Social Psychology in Southeast Asia

Are you a social-personality psychologist in Southeast Asia? Would you be interested in meeting your peers in the region? This session provides an informal discussion space for researchers to meet, share work situations, and plan ways to collectively move the discipline forward.

Host: Joe Simone, Social and Cognitive Computing, A*STAR Singapore (



Friday, November 6, 1pm-2pm ET: Black in SPSP Community Gathering

We are hosting a community session for all scholars in the SPSP network that identify as part of the Black Diaspora more broadly. Come to meet new people and share space in community.

Hosts: Sa-kiera Hudson, Yale University ( and Ivy Onyeador, Northwestern University (


Friday, November 6, 3pm-4pm ET: Academic Careers in Applied Areas

This casual conversational session is intended for early-career researchers who are interested in an academic job in applied areas (e.g., management/OB, IO, marketing, communications). We’ll discuss how the application systems differ from the social psychology job market, things to consider before applying, opportunities (and challenges) as a social psychologist working in these areas, and anything else you are interested in sharing and discussing!

Hosts: Franki Kung, Purdue University ( and Sonia Kang, University of Toronto (

Friday, November 13, 11am-12pm ET: The Hidden Curriculum

A space for asking questions it feels embarrassing to ask because it feels like you should already know the answer.

Host: Linda Skitka, SPSP Past-President, University of Illinois at Chicago (


Friday, November 13, 4:30pm-5:30pm ET: Conversation and Brainstorm with SPSP President Elect about SPSP leadership opportunities and priorities

Meet with President-Elect Monica Biernat to discuss leadership opportunities within SPSP and society priorities for 2021 and beyond. Bring questions and any thoughts about how can SPSP best diversify and serve its members.  

Host: Monica Biernat, University of Kansas (

Friday, November 20, 11am-12pm ET: Moral Psych Coffee Hour

Moral psychology has seen a surge in interest over the past 20 years. Let's talk about the landscape of the subfield (i.e., what are the main themes in the literature right now?) and where we would like to see it go. What are the big questions we seek to answer? How well are we describing moral psychology "in the wild"? What should tomorrow's big questions be? If you'd like, we can also talk about our own or others' recent work relevant to moral psychology.

Host: Ana Gantman, Brooklyn College (


Friday, November 20, 1pm-2pm ET: Brainstorm with the Government Relations Committee

The goal of this session is to brainstorm with the Government Relations Committee regarding how best to advocate on behalf of social psychology with regard to federal policy and funding.

Hosts: Kate Sweeny, University of California, Riverside ( and Jason Plaks,  University of Toronto (


Friday, November 20, 3pm-4pm ET: Is a teaching-track position right for you?

Are you considering applying for jobs that are non-tenure-track and wishing you could learn more about whether this is the right career path for you? Please join us for this session on teaching-track jobs. The primary goal of this session is to provide space to discuss the positive aspects of teaching-track jobs. We hope to address common concerns about teaching positions (e.g., job security and high teaching loads), answer questions about getting teaching-track jobs, and share strategies for finding purpose in teaching and continuing to do research. Anyone considering teaching-track jobs is welcome to join!

Hosts: Sarah Huff, University of Denver ( and Beth Morling, University of Delaware (